The Art Easel Program

Art Easel Program

By working with charities and retailers, Funding Innovation secures Art Easel hosting locations to display high quality Canadian made art, sport, and music prints. Retail customers place a bid on the print that will support the local charitable cause.

All featured print products are fully licensed and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The program provides a minimum of 70% of the net proceeds to the charities. Over the past 6 years, Funding Innovation has invested heavily in the technology and infrastructure required to support the growth of the program. This has resulted in the charities receiving over 83% of the net proceeds on a program to date basis.

How Does The Program Work?

Turnkey program with no liability and no time commitment!

Raises awareness and provides community support.

Raises $1,300 – $2,500 per easel location annually.

70% of net proceeds support the charity.

1. Retailers provide a designated area of 4 sq ft in their location for us to install an Art Easel supporting a local charity. The first print is displayed and a silent auction begins.

2. Every two weeks the local FI Rep will collect the bids and change the featured print.

3. We contact the winning bidders to collect payment and arrange delivery of the print.

That’s it! We take care of everything and the program is fully insured!

Watch this short video to see how it works!

How Our Products Are Made

We love our art pieces, and we hope you do too! We are involved in every aspect of the design process- from selecting relevant, eye-catching prints from sports, music, movies and the arts to adding ‘special touches’ like pieces of game-used nets, gold records, or collectible coins – to name a few. We work with two Canadian manufacturers whose eye for detail ensures we have the best product on the market!

Our Manufacturing Partners