Corporate Partners

From Coast to Coast

Funding Innovation is proud to work with the following corporate partners who have elected to use the Funding Innovation Art Easel Program as a way to raise millions of dollars for the charities they support. Together, we’re on track to raise $9 million for the charities we support by the end of 2020.

Airway of Heroes

Various airports across Canada have come together to host Art Easels on behalf of Support our Troops. We refer to this as the Airway of Heroes. The Airway of Heroes has raised over $350,000 through the program, and that amount is growing quickly!

No matter where you live in Canada, Funding Innovation can ship your purchase to you. For example, you can place your bid in British Columbia and have your art piece delivered to St. John’s. So, next time you are waiting to catch a flight, we encourage you to seek out a Funding Innovation Art Easel and place a bid!

Join us in our efforts to raise funds for Support Our Troops and show our Canadian Forces members just how much we appreciate all they do. If you’re interested in learning more about the work Support Our Troops does, please visit their website.


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