Why We Exist?

  • Easel in hospital, Vancouver, March 2020

Our Mission

To give a sustainable advantage to charitable and humanitarian organizations tackling the greatest challenges of our time. Our big goal and team ambition is to grow the amount of money we are able to raise exponentially. As our charitable and humanitarian partner list grows, so too grows our corporate partnerships, allowing for more easel locations and expanding the opportunities to give and make a real difference. The Easel Program runs nationwide across Canada, connecting people with a simple and effective medium and allowing them to participate in creating positive change.

How We Work To Achieve This

We work tirelessly to synch charitable & humanitarian brands with big plans, heroic consumers and great organizations to make a monumental impact on humanity. Funding Innovation proudly supports and celebrates the innovators who are working to create a world where we can all flourish. Our results speak for themselves. Watch this short video to see just a few of the  things we’ve accomplished with our partners and supporters.

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