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    Funding Innovation exists to make an impact on society and to empower & provide opportunities to our clients & communities in ways never previously imagined. Our mission is to create a sustainable advantage to charitable and humanitarian organizations that are tackling the greatest challenges of our time.

    What we stand for?

    Integrity. Everyone talks about it. Everybody claims to value it or to have it, but what is it really? At Funding Innovation, we define ‘having integrity’ as living according to our values. ‘Values’ are the things we are willing to stand for and are key to who we are and how we conduct ourselves. They are the things that we proclaim as being the foundation – the very bedrock – of our team, our organization and our future. We measure our integrity by how well we are living and breathing our core four shared values.

    The Easel program

    Funding Innovation offers an Easel Program that is designed to provide charitable and humanitarian organizations with a zero-risk, long-term, sustainable source of funding. Our Easel Program allows individuals to purchase beautiful art & incredible collectables and support a worthy cause at the same time.

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