I am a Fundraiser


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

Right out of the gate we’d like to thank you for your fundraising efforts. Seriously, our hats are off to you! It doesn’t matter whom you are working on behalf of, fundraising for a cause that you believe in can be challenging and often, gruelling work.

The world is changing. How we are able to raise funds to further critical missions, that’s changing too.  We need new, fresh ideas and innovative solutions. We need more transparency and open communication. Donors need to feel secure that their generosity is being received with honesty and integrity.

Have you ever realized that the non-profit industry is the only one that begins with a negative? We dig a little deeper and find that the Latin root of the word ‘profit’ is profectus, which is defined as ‘progress or advancement’. So ‘non-profit’ literally translates as ‘no progress’ and we know that is how many of you feel, out there in the trenches, trying to change the game and build a better world.

Now, How Can Funding Innovation Help?

At Funding Innovation, our reason for being is to create a sustainable advantage to charitable and humanitarian organizations. We are all about changing the game. If this is the first you are hearing about us, we recommend that you go here and watch this short video that will give you an idea of who we are, what we are about and what we do.

The Easel Program

Our Easel Program is our key offering and through it we are able to provide a zero-risk, long-term, sustainable source of funding to charitable and humanitarian organizations.
Click over to this page to learn about how it works.

Word On The Street

What else can we tell you? Better to share what others have said about their experiences with us. Click over here to feel the love.

Are You Ready To Hit The ‘Go’ Button??

Well hey there, innovator! We are ready when you are. Let’s get the ball rolling. Reach out and let us know who you are and how you are changing the game. We are ready to help. We recommend connecting directly with Megan McNamara.